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Fairness Doctrine as a blatant attack on the First Amendment

October, 2008

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The ideology that claims to champion Freedom of Speech beliefs, modern liberals, are leaning toward waging a direct attack on our 1st Amendement rights. (The First Amendment happens to be my favorite, followed by the 2nd... though it is hard to put an "order of preference" on such vital items)

In a new form of this frightening media control, it could expand to the web, including political blogs. So, would that mean that I (as in, me, personally) would have to give those I may "rant" about or attack in my little ol' MySpace blog the opportunity to respond? Obviously, writings like mine are probably not the top of the target list (considering my readership isn't THAT high), but the theoretically possibility and threat are scary!

Ok, so a great deal of talk radio is conservative (does it scare liberals that much for there to be dialogue about contraversial issues?).

A lot of entertainment/pop culture type shows are obviously liberal.

In general, our media tends to be liberal. It is just the way our media has gone.

Unfortunate as it may be that we can't have unbiased news, media, etc, governmental regulation of discussion of contraverisal issues (and which sides are revealed) is just unconstitutional.
If you don't like what the media is telling you, you have the right to CHANGE THE STATION! There are so many sources of media, I promise you, you can find something that appeals to your ideals.

Note in the stories cited above that there is evidence that shows that while the Fairness Doctrine was in place, media outlets were hesitant to even bring up contraversial issues as they did not want to risk getting hit by the FCC. How frightening is that? So, as Americans, we would lose our ability to discuss in a public forum contraversial issues tied to government and politics?

There are current rules regarding equal time (not part of this discussion).

I always find it amusing that the conservatives (who want SMALLER government) are constantly accused of fascism, Nazi-ism, etc... but liberals attempt to control our air conditioners, conversations and lives...

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