Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Country

I managed to survive my first semester of graduate school... and was quite successful!
Though the "liberal agenda" level is high (granted, mostly among other students), I was able to participate in interesting and insightful conversations and no screaming matches. The number of like-or-similar minded individuals was impressive as well, and the diversity of those individuals was impressive.

The biggest news its this: I have joined the Texas Army National Guard. I will be attending Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri from January 11 through approximately late-March. I have been duly warned that it will be very, very cold... which almost scares this Texan more than the running (I was never much of a runner... however, I have been told that I will become one). Upon completion of Basic, I will be entering Officer Candidate School. I will be doing the "traditional" program which will allow me to complete my Masters while attending OCS.

I am very excited about the opportunities the military will provide for me, and am honored to be able to serve my country (some may say that I am making sure to "walk the walk" and I am okay with that). I believe that the experiences, education, training and benefits that I will receive from the National Guard will only contribute to my passion for my country, the political process and my ideology.

While my postings have been inconsistent at best, I wanted to at least provide a valid explanation for the next couple of months.
Best wishes to all for a wonderful 2010.